Tips on Terps

Linalool You to Sleep

Wayne Green

LINALOOL YOU TO SLEEP Sometimes sleep just won’t come.  Insomnia is a problem for one in three people in the US, according to the CDC, and five percent of people use prescription medication to combat this tossing and turning. You know those nights, we’ve all had them. Whether you’re laying awake thinking of the test you have the next day, a job interview or money many things weighing on your mind and no matter what you do you just cannot fall asleep. You toss, you turn, you count sheep, maybe pick up your phone to search the internet or...

Wake Up and Smell the Pinene

Wayne Green

WAKE UP & SMELL THE PINENE A cup of joe is a necessity for many morning routines as you try and pry your eyes open.  Coffee beans with their high concentrations of caffeine, usually in the form of a hot drink, are almost culturally ubiquitous; from the Italian espresso to the delightful Kona coffee of Hawaii.  Likewise, sativa strains of Cannabis have long been sought after for their “pick me up” effects and are a common daytime recommendation for focus, energy and creativity.  High concentrations of pinene, in particular alpha pinene, have been associated with these effects and is commonly...

I Wanna Get High On Mangoes

Wayne Green

I WANNA GET HIGH ON MANGOES                     The herb is more than just a powerful potion...people learning about what they smoking. Educated consumers around the world are taking these Cypress Hill lyrics to heart and in turn the industry is listening.  With the success of medical and recreational Cannabis access around the country patients and customers are demanding knowledge about the products they consume.  If you walk into a dispensary and ask your budtender for their recommendation on flower their first question would probably be, “Do you prefer sativa or indica?”  Although...

WTF is a Terp?

Wayne Green

WTF IS A TERP? Ever wonder what makes Cannabis strains so different they can smell like a skunk, a pineapple, rat piss or a blueberry?  Or why Blue Dream make me chill but causes my friend to get dizzy?  WTF is going on with this plant! There’s a lot more unknown about the chemical compounds found in Cannabis than known.  What was coined as the “Entourage Effect” to describe the synergy in the full spectrum of chemicals from Cannabis and their effects on the human body might as well have been called the “I Have No Clue Effect”.  Research is...